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Contact Us

Customized Education
University of Central Oklahoma

Office and Mailing Address
101 North E.K. Gaylord, Suite 1
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  73102
ce@uco.edu | (405) 974-3030

UCO Downtown:

(mail not received at this location)
Carnegie Centre, Lower Level
131 Dean A. McGee Avenue
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  73102

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Dawna Terrell, Assistant Director Dawna Terrell, Director
Contact Dawna for operational, logistical, and billing issues as well as conference management services.
dterrell@uco.edu | (405) 974-3366
Jessie West Jessie West, Assistant Director
Contact Jessie for courses, certificates, and camps.
jwest35@uco.edu | (405) 974-5060
Techceptionist Team
Matt Shawdee Matt Shawdee, Lead Techceptionist
mshawdee@uco.edu | (405) 974-3030
Hussain Alasafra Hussain Alasafra
halasafra-sw@uco.edu | (405) 974-3030
Muhammad Saif Ur Rehman Saif Ur Rehman
murrehman-sw@uco.edu | (405) 974-3030
Caitlyn Levick Caitlyn Levick
clevick-sw@uco.edu | (405) 974-3030